Lara Blunte writes immediately absorbing stories. Her stories grab me with an irresistible magnetic pull, right from the start. “This Hell of Mine” is certainly no exception and, as in all of her work, includes an extra unexpected element that makes the whole thing jump to another level entirely. It’s this kind of magic that compels me to read everything she writes, no matter the genre, and she has written in many.

I first happened across Lara Blunte’s writing on Wattpad, through her fascinating collection of travel essays called ‘The Lazy Traveler’. She seems to have been everywhere and seen everything, and brings a unique depth and perception to her writing. In “This Hell of Mine” she is just at home in Mexico City high society or out in the middle of the Sonora desert, at a fancy dress ball or in the streets of Cuernavaca during Day of the Dead festivities. Her writing is clear, fresh and compelling, her characters vivid and alluring. There is plenty of romance here, and also tremendous suspense, danger and thrills. It’s great stuff. Highly recommended!