I may never stop extolling the greatness of Smashwords (and Feedbooks), making it (relatively) easy for anyone to put their stories out into the world. These two are the major sites for making your stories available for free and Smashwords especially is fantastic for their distribution network into the Apple and Barnes & Noble networks, where free ebooks are very popular these days. I know, I know, there are lots of arguments for and against free books which I don’t intend to delve into (again) here. Let’s just say that for me and for writers like Jose Rogriguez it’s an unbelievable bounty.

Jose, like me, has been putting a lot of stories on Smashwords. Like me, his reasons, given on his website, are simple: There is neither money to be made nor fame to be gained. I do it for the satisfaction that somebody, somewhere, can download one’s work and may even enjoy it. A far cry from manuscripts gathering cobwebs in forgotten drawers.

His stories are all over the map. He writes what he wants to write. He is full of ideas. He is often very funny. Even the descriptions of his books are worth reading. For example,Winter Wind:

In this short story, Jack thinks his failed marriage was due to not having a shop manual for women, something that can explain to him how the opposite sex works. He works on his Bug, in the cold, toiling away under dripping oil, a predictable world that he understands well. But soon enough, another woman comes looking for him. As a bonus, this story shows how to adjust the valves on a ’70 Bug.

That’s quite a bonus feature! I’ve enjoyed several of his stories, my favorite still being The Alien’s Luggage. Like my own, there are typos in his books, so if that sort of thing freaks you out, you can’t say you haven’t been warned. We indies fix ‘em when we find ‘em, but sometimes we’re just busy writing.

Jose’s territory is vast. There’s a good chance that at least one of his stories will appeal to you, regardless of your interests. Definitely worth a look.