In transferring my old blogger blog to wordpress, I attempted to round up all my old reviews of self-published writers and transfer them but I missed some, including the works of “Quiet Riot Girl“. Since she writes pseudonymously I will refer to her only that way. She has a few books on Smashwords (“transgressional fiction”), and here are my reviews of two of them:

Scribbling on Foucault’s Wall

A fine feat of imagination, inserting a child into the life of a complex and interesting historical figure. Adding this perspective both brings out the human in that person and highlights his contradictions. I loved the boldness of this approach, and also the excellent writing I’ve come to take for granted from this very talented author.

Unethical Sluts

I’m usually rather squeamish about sex in fiction, but I love good stories and great writing, and this book has a lot of both. Some of the stories are pretty intense, others more casual. All of them honor desire in its many forms.